Intelligent Search Results

See how WSN Clearview dramatically improves your productivity as it intelligently provides search results to eliminate the need to conduct multiple searches.
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Document Management Demo

Many organizations today are doubling their content every 1.2 years, and most have difficulty managing it! WSN Clearview ECM puts you back in control.
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Document Search

The WSN Clearview IRISS Desktop Gadget provides Out of the Box (OOTB) integration with any desktop application through its Drag and Drop interface.
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ECM Search Costs

The Bloomfire Blog and many studies indicate workers spend 9 hours a week searching for information! Reduce the cost of search immediately with WSN Clearview ECM.
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Secure Document Mobility

Securely use your content on your Apple© iPod, iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere!

Documents Management Works the Way You Work

Like almost every organization you are producing an incredible amount of content everyday, and like most, you have difficulty managing and governing your content!

Multiple Document Repositories

Many organizations use more than one content solution. WSN Clearview can federate and unify them to work as one system.

GIS Location Awareness Content

Is your content location aware? Geo-enabling your content can improve security of your content while enabling mobility of your workforce!

COLD Reports Video
c.o.l.d. Reports
Mainframe Reports Archiving
Enterprise Reports
COLD Reports Demo
Enterprise Reports Management Demo

WSN Clearview Enterprise Reports (C.O.L.D) Server is Awesome. And it's beloved by auditors and users worldwide.